Join my Launch Team!

Things are getting real. Advanced reader copies of Children of the Forgotten will be here within 1-2 weeks!

That means I need to get ready for a book launch, which I've never done before. So, I figured--instead of googling it real quick and diving in--I'd ask you for help!

I've been on launch teams before and they are a blast! You don't have to be an author or a blogger to be a part of this exclusive team either. I'll let you know the requirements to be on the team in a few, but first... 


In a post-apocalyptic world, most people by age thirty have succumbed to The Sickness, a mysterious deadly illness. But the Sickness is not the only enemy for Collin Mann’s city. Hordes of deranged killers live in the hills around it. With few trained protectors, the future of the little city looks bleak.

Collin, fifteen years old, buries those the Sickness consumes. Slight and awkward, he shuns warrior training, avoiding the example of his big brother and guardian.

When killers attack at the watering hole, he’s called to step forward and defend. Instead, he freezes.

He’s ashamed. His people need him to fight. Can he do it? Or would a clumsy person like himself make any difference in the battle for existence?

A little quote from the book.

A little quote from the book.


  • An advanced reader copy of Children of the Forgotten (electronic version) as soon as it's ready!
  • Insider book secrets! (After you've read it)
  • Exclusive access to the CotF Launch Team Facebook Group!
  • The opportunity to interact and brainstorm with other book lovers!
  • Book swag!
  • A personal, and special, thank you from me!
And another one...

And another one...


  • In order to join the team, all team members must commit to read Children of the Forgotten and write an honest book review (no matter how many stars) on Amazon, Goodreads, and your blog (if you have one).  
  • Team members must be willing to work together to share the word on CotF's launch any way they can, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I'll ask you to post something 2-3 times a week in the lead-up to release day.
  • Interact with each other and come up with creative ideas for the launch, whether it be quote images, a blog tour, or a Facebook party, etc.
  • Though being a blogger isn't a requirement, if a team member has a blog I'll ask them to consider posting an interview with me or a guest blog.

I do hope you'll consider being a part of the team and I'm excited to get this thing rolling! I only have room for 20 members, though, and we need to get to work soon, so the deadline to sign up is Saturday, August 12th! Don't miss out!

You can sign up using the form below!

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Thanks so much for considering being a part of the team and I hope to get the chance to make this journey with you!