The May #ChristianBookBox is Live!

Greetings! Many of you know that Mandy Fender and I do a giveaway that we call the Christian Book Box. Each month, we've given away a box of awesome Christian books to the winner and the contest has been growing and growing since we started it in October!

And now, instead of teaming up to give away one box each month, we're both giving one away. So head on over to Mandy's page and sign up for hers, too!

In addition to some great books, we also include goodies like bookmarks, notepads, journals, stickers, and a personal note from either me or Mandy, or sometimes both of us! We know a lot of people are avid readers, so I hope you'll share this blog so more people can find out about it. There aren't a lot of contests where you can win such great content for doing something as little as signing up for a newsletter. So please, share away. And sign up! You just might win!

And I know many of you are also waiting for a cover reveal and a release date. I'll be sharing the cover in my newsletter soon, so if you haven't signed up for it, do so now!

We are literally down to just a few pages left to edit, so I'm certain we'll have a release date very soon. Thanks so much for being patient with me. Hopefully I'll have all this figured out by the time we get ready to release book two!

Oh...I've been a little let down that I haven't seen much about this movie and it's coming out soon! Maybe she doesn't need a lot of hype, though. I's Wonder Woman!


I hope this blog finds you well and that you're feeling God's love and comfort each day. If you're not, and you're struggling, let us know how we can pray for you in the comments. And if you don't want to share publicly, contact me and I'll lend an ear.