Thor Is Back!

I know I haven't blogged in a while, and I apologize. Writing and edits have had a lot to do with my absence, so I hope you'll forgive me. Things are getting really close to being finished and I hope to announce the cover and release date for Children of the Forgotten  (aka CotF) soon!

Until then, bear with me and my periods of silence. CotF has gone through such a transformation throughout these edits and I am SO happy with what it has become. I cannot wait to get it out to you!

While we wait on it, I think it'll be fun to check out some of the movies that will be coming out soon. I shared the Justice League trailer a while back and I'm stoked about that one.


But ... when it comes to super heroes, there are a couple that I get really pumped to see. And two of those characters happen to be in Thor Ragnarok. Thor, of course ... and ... the Hulk. 


I've always been intrigued by Thor's world, his family's history, and that shady brother of his. As for the Hulk, well, he never gets enough face time. Maybe that's because he's CGI and it costs millions of dollars to bring him to life ... but ... that's not my problem! 

We need more Hulk! No matter the cost!

Anyway ... 21 million people have already watched it. And you probably have too. But I'm still going to share it because it looks awesome! Enjoy!

Oh! I'm doing a Christian Book Box again this month, but it's solely being done on Twitter for April. So click on my Twitter link at the bottom of the site and check out the books in this month's box. Oh, and enter to win too! 

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