Book Series Title

After many, many months, my publisher and I have finally decided on a series title! We actually decided on it several weeks ago, but I'm just now getting around to discussing it here on my blog. But ... if you're a newsletter recipient, you already had a heads up on the series title, didn't you? Fret not, though! You can sign up for my newsletter here and be one of the first to know the title of book one and get a sneak peak at the cover!

Before we get to the series title, I wanted to talk a bit about the story itself. I keep saying "series", when it's actually a trilogy ... for now. The story takes place two hundred years from now, when world war and disease have almost wiped out mankind. 

No ... it's not a Mad Max retelling! There are no hot rods or guys playing flaming guitars during high speed chases. In fact, there really is no technology at all in this series. 

Here's a little about book one, just to give you some insight: 

In a post-apocalyptic world, most people by age thirty have succumbed to The Sickness, a mysterious deadly illness. But the Sickness is not the only enemy for Collin Mann’s city. Hordes of deranged killers live in the hills around it. With few trained protectors, the future of the little city looks bleak.

Collin, fifteen years old, buries those the Sickness consumes. Slight and awkward, he shuns warrior training, avoiding the example of his big brother and guardian.

When killers attack at the watering hole, he’s called to step forward and defend. Instead, he freezes.

He’s ashamed. His people need him to fight. Can he do it? Or would a clumsy person like himself make any difference in the battle for existence?

There will be more to come on the series, especially book one, as we near its release this summer. I'm really excited for you to finally get a chance to read it and, if it were up to me, it would be available today! 

But ... that wouldn't be doing it justice, since the editing phase is quite necessary to ensure you get the best book possible. Until then, we both can wait on the cover reveal and such. I'm especially excited about the cover since my publisher and I have only discussed it and I haven't seen anything yet. I can't wait!

For now, though, we get to know the series title. I hope I didn't draw it out too long, I just really wanted you to know a little more about the story in order to have a better grasp of why I chose this title for the series. 

Anyway, without further ado ... the series title is:

Very early in the process of writing book one, I stumbled across the word "Anistemi" while doing research. Anistemi is a Greek word meaning, "to rise up" or "to stand again". The word is used 108 times in the Greek translation of the New Testament and, while many times it is used to mean "rising from a seated position", it is also used to mean, "to rise from the dead".

If you're a recipient of my newsletter, you probably saw the typo and wondered how Anistemi could mean "to rise from the dean". Sorry about that. No one is rising from the "dean" in this story!

There is actually another title reveal going on this week, as I'm letting my newsletter recipients know the title of book one! I do hope you'll sign up and join in on the fun.

So, what do you think of the series title? I love hearing from you, so comment and let me know!

Have a great week!