My 2017 Resolution and Christmas List

I went on a bit of a blogging hiatus while my little family and I traveled down to Texas for the holidays. It's good to be back, though, and I thought I'd get this thing started back up by letting you in on my 2017 resolution! But first, I thought I'd share my 2017 Christmas list with you!

Yup, you read that right. I'm already publishing my Christmas list. How else am i going to get what I want if I don't give you optimal time to get it for me? And this isn't going to be some easy ol' list. You're going to have to put a lot of work into it. 

I sound a little bratty, don't I?

Hang on, though. This is my list, but you might benefit from it too. You see, honestly, I never really want anything for myself when Christmas rolls around. Many of you are parents, and I know you understand--it's much more enjoyable when you see someone else get what they wanted. 

On top of that, I've already received everything I could ever want. I have a beautiful family, a home, good health, and a job... and I have a Savior Who loves me no matter what. What else could I want for myself?

Now, the things on my list might not be exactly what you want for Christmas, but they're what I want for you. And you can feel free to comment if there is anything on the list that you'd like to exchange for something else. 

Seriously. Some things aren't for everyone, so don't be afraid to speak up! 

Anyway, on to my Christmas list.

This year...

1. I want the Dallas Cowboys to win the Super Bowl. (Technically this isn't for me. It's for the players. They deserve it. So what if I kinda REALLY want it too?)

2. I want everyone to practice being nice to others. (Imagine the possibilities.)

3. I want you to see a sunrise from somewhere you've never seen one from. (Not everyone can afford to travel, but maybe you can wake up early and drive to a cool spot where you live. Maybe there's a hilltop or a lake. Go there and watch the sunrise. Sometimes you need to see the morning from a new perspective.)

4. I want you to look in the mirror and like what you see. (Need to make some changes? Make them. Don't think you're beautiful/handsome? You are. The Creator of this universe--and all things in it--thinks you should too. Look in that mirror until you do.)

5. I want you to forgive someone you should've forgiven long ago. Even if that person is you. (You might think you have time to do this, but you don't.)

6. I want you to hug the neck of someone you haven't seen in a long time. (If they don't come to you, go to them.)

7. I want you and someone you love to laugh until your sides hurt. (This can happen multiple times--every day, even.)

8. I want someone to say "I love you" to you every day. (And instead of just hearing them, you feel it.)

9. I want you to recognize those little moments that you share with someone and enjoy them a little more. (Big moments are cool, but the little ones are extra special.)

10. I want you to spend a day with yourself. (Take yourself to dinner. Go to a movie. It's awesome to be around others, but sometimes you just need you.)

11. I want you to remember someone that you'll never see again on this earth. (Find a quiet place and talk to them. Think of them. Write them a letter and then tuck it away.)

12. I want you to make the first move. (Do you like them? Tell them. Arguing with someone? Say you're sorry first. Haven't talked to someone in a while? You be the first to call. This goes with #5--you don't have forever.)

13. I want you to realize that you can't fix everything. (You were never meant to.)

14. Lastly, I want you to realize that there is Someone you can always turn to whether things are terrible or the best they've ever been. If you don't know Jesus, I hope you come to. If you do know him, remember that He is never far away. In fact, He is always right beside you--just as much on your best days as He is on your worst. Stop trying to do this all on your own. Give it to Him. He wants you to. And you'll be amazed at what true peace feels like once you do. (If you need help with this, I have a contact page for a reason. Email me.)


Like anyone, my Christmas list could have gone on and on, but I thought I'd cut it down to 14. If I can only have one thing from this list, I want it to be #14. And I don't want this for me, I want it for you.

My teenage daughter has a code for her Christmas list. If it's something she can live without, she'll have a certain symbol beside the item. If it's something she absolutely must have, she'll put a different, more attention-grabbing symbol beside it. So, as you read my Christmas list, let's put 5 big bright stars beside #14. I can't stress how important this is.

Oh! I almost forgot to share my 2017 New Year's Resolution! Here it is: 

I'm going to consistently blog and encourage you as I push you to get me everything on my 2017 Christmas list. 

I'm counting on YOU to keep me on track!

I pray that this new year brings you all that you want and need. If it doesn't, and things get tough, don't forget about #14 on my Christmas list. If things do go how you want them to, also remember #14.