Stepping Out

Do you get really emotional when someone takes a chance and does something inspiring? I know I do. Like when the one kid that everyone said wouldn't amount to anything becomes a professional athlete. Or the girl who keeps getting into trouble in class--because she can't sit still or focus for more than a few seconds--grows up to be a doctor.

These two examples aren't anyone specific, but I'm sure we can think of someone we know who overcame great odds and became something. What was really so special about them? Sure, they had to have some type of talent or smarts, but we know a lot of people with both of those. So what was so great about them?

I'll tell you.

They stepped out.

They didn't just sit there and make excuses for why they couldn't do something. Like the guy that wants to run a marathon. He can't run a mile without walking, so what makes him think he can work his way up to running 26.2 of them? He might as well find another dream, right? Right.


What if he just took that first step? And then the one after that? And so on. And if he needs to walk, then walk. What if he does that every day until he's running that marathon? It all started with that first step. 

What if he stumbles?

So ... then what? You got it, he gets back up and steps out again. 

We're going to fall. Nothing worth having is going to be easy and that's why we take so long to step out. We know it's going to be a lot of hard work. Why does that scare us? Most of us work our tails off every day doing one thing when we'd rather be (insert dream here).

What about the woman who wants to lose weight? A lot of us know her. She is a mom, works, maintains a home, and a million other things.

Her excuses are:

1. She doesn't have time to go to the gym.

2. She doesn't know what to do when she gets there.

3. And even if she did, she can't work out for more than fifteen minutes without feeling like she'll pass out.

I actually do know a woman like this. She is married, has three school-age children, goes to college, and does all the other things that being a mom requires. For years she wanted to get fit and it always seemed like there were so many reasons why she couldn't.

Image via Flickr Creative Commons courtesy of Kathywd

So, what did she do? She finally took that first step. One day she decided she would change the way she ate and start going to classes at her local gym. 

Many steps followed that first step, and along the way she made some great friends who joined her in her journey. As of today--seven months later--she has lost over 50 pounds. She has also ran two 5K's and a half marathon! 

Pretty impressive, huh? I sure think so. I'm pretty proud of her. And I think it's cool that I get to be married to her.

But what if they laugh at you?

So? What if they do?

Trust me. If you're planning on taking the first step into something you've dreamed of, someone is going to laugh at you. Maybe not to your face, but it's going to happen. Guess what? The ones who will laugh would have found a reason to laugh even if we didn't chase our dreams. 

What does it matter? Whatever it is that you've been longing to do, just take that first little step. 

Do you want to learn to paint? Find an art class. 

Do you want to go back to school and finish your degree? Get enrolled.

Want to learn martial arts? Take that first step.

Want to write a novel? Start typing.

For so many of us, that first step is the hardest part. Then we see that those excuses were getting in the way of something pretty amazing.

Yes, if it's a big dream, there will be a lot of work. Believe me, though, the work is worth it. But, we'll never know unless we step out.

What about you? Have you recently stepped out? Let us know in the comments! We'd love to hear your story!