Book News and Another Giveaway!

So I finally saw Captain America: Civil War. I thought it was great! Honestly, I wouldn't care if it was a terrible movie as long as I got to listen to Robert Downey Jr's wisecracks. To me, he completely makes those Marvel movies and I'm really not even sure who Chris Evans is.

I did want to note one thing. I know there's supposed to be a lot of drama, character arcs, and all that jazz, but I really didn't like it that two of my favorite heroes were against each other. Say what you want, but I'll always enjoy watching them beat down the bad guys together.

See? It's just not right. These guys need to make up and throw together another movie so that I'll be happy.

Anyway, on to other stuff. 

I got the first edits on my novel back from my publisher last month. After reading over their notes and the work that needed to be done, I contemplated retirement for about two days. Then I looked everything back over and decided I'd give it a shot. So throughout the month of October, I rewrote a few chapters, deleted a couple, and smoothed out some character issues. Right now I'm pretty close to finishing up, but I'm going to take a few days to make sure I haven't missed anything before I send it back to them. 

I've actually enjoyed this revision almost as much as I loved writing the first draft! It's pretty cool to be able to go back in and add something to the story to make it better--like I'd totally do to Captan America: Civil War if I could.

My publisher and I have also been discussing titles and release dates. I think we're pretty close to a series title and titles for each book, but we're still not solid enough that I can share them. Sorry. I want to know what they're called too! 

When I do know, I'll announce it first on my newsletter. So I'll use this as an opportunity to nudge you on over there so you can be the first to get book news like release dates or cover reveals! There may also be giveaways! Click here to sign up! 

As for a release date, we're looking at early summer 2017. Initially, we wanted to get the book published around Easter, but that would've put us on a pretty tight schedule and we want to make sure that the book gets the editing and attention that it needs before it hits the shelves. I'm excited to get it out there, but I want it to be the best book that it can be.

Oh! Last month, author friend Mandy Fender and I did a Christian Book Box giveaway and lots of people signed up for it! Yesterday we named the winner and I hope she enjoys the great reading ahead of her! Don't worry, though, if you didn't win, you can sign up for November's Christian Book Box now! Just click here and enter to win!

That's more like it, boys. Not sure they look like they're friends, but at least they're not punching each other. 

I can't wait to share more info on my novel with you and I will as soon as I have some! Until then, sign up for the Christian Book Box and enjoy some great reading by some pretty cool authors. 

This is the spot where I wanted to say something really wise and inspiring, but I think I've already done the world a favor by pointing out that Captain America and Iron Man need to get along. Let's not have them fight anymore, okay? 

I hope you're all having a great week. If not, contact me and I'll tell you how awesome you are. Don't believe me? Try me! :)