Is the coast clear yet? 


Whew! It's been a rough few weeks, huh? What was THAT all about?

Don't worry, I'm not going all political on you. There are far greater minds than mine that can help you out in that category. Besides, that subject has been beaten ... to ... death. 

So, let's move on, shall we?

When I was growing up (I think I was around 10), there was a coat rack in the hallway and I could see it from my bed at night. My dad's coat and cowboy hat hung on it and in the dark it looked just like a silhouette of Freddy Krueger. Many hours of sleep were lost because of that coat rack.

I'd draw my covers up snug under my chin and stare at it, wondering if Freddy would eventually stop posing in the hallway and lunge through my door. 

Thirty years later, I'm wondering who in the world allowed me to watch that movie at TEN YEARS OLD?!? Really, mom and dad?

But I'm not afraid of ol' Freddy anymore. Seriously! In fact, just before Halloween I was flipping channels and ran across Nightmare on Elm Street part 50 ... or one of them, anyway. 

Fred's (I call him Fred now that we're grown) more funny than anything. And the acting is terrible. 

As I watched Fred knife-up Johnny Depp I wondered what in the world I was ever afraid of. And it wasn't even Fred outside my door. When the light came on, I remembered that it was just a hat and a coat. 

Have you ever been there? Afraid of something for so long, and then later on you realize that it was nothing? 

How did you get over it?

For me and Fred, I thought it was just about time. I thought I needed to get away from him, mature some, and realize that he wasn't the knifey handed creep-o that I thought he was. That he didn't exist.

Or did I finally realize that by fearing something, I let it have control over me? 

A long time ago, I gave my heart to Jesus and declared Him Lord of my life. I haven't always acted like it, and there have been many times where I let things like fear have control over me. And I'd stray from Him.

Slowly, He brought me back. Then I'd mess up, and He'd bring me back again. And again.

Throughout that process I learned many lessons. One of them was that the things that I fear cannot harm me. Oh a spider may bite me or a fire might burn me, but they can never truly harm me.

I'm a child of the King. Fear only interrupts my relationship with Him.

Who's your Freddy? Is it a coat rack in the hallway?

Maybe you're afraid of storms. Or terrified of clowns (they went away fast, didn't they). Perhaps it's something more serious. A violent ex, maybe.

Or a memory.


Whatever it is, do this: Turn on the Light.

Don't know how?

Read here: When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." -John 8:12

Whatever you're fearing, you don't have to anymore. I know it's hard, and some fears are much harder than others, but it does get easier with time. You just have to trust.

Get outta here, Fred. We're done with you.


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