Where Then Is My Hope

Have you watched the news lately? Yes, that was rhetorical. Sadly, I had to look up the spelling of rhetorical just now. And the definition ... twice.

Anyway, back to the news. Kinda scary, huh? On one channel we have Isis, Iran, and North Korea. On another we have some sort of new reality show about becoming president (or is that legit?). Turn to the next and we have ... murderous clowns?

They've always been murderous if you ask me.

Seriously! Look at him! 

So, my point is, things look pretty bad. And I'm not going to tell you not to watch the news, because you need to know when that hurricane is coming. Or, if you're a fellow Texan, you'll want to know how long that tornado watch will last (Hook 'em!). You also might want to know when those clowns are in your neighborhood.

What I am going to tell you is this: don't give up hope. "What's hope?" you ask? You probably didn't, but for the sake of this post let's pretend you did.

What's that? What's hope? Well, since you asked, here is how Webster defines hope:

1. To desire with expectation of obtainment

2. To expect with confidence

Hope isn't just leaving it to chance that things will work out for the best, it is actually believing that it is going to happen. Read below how the Apostle Paul talks about hope.

He really sums it up for us when he says, "For it was by hope that we were saved," right? 

So, why is hope so important to us in this crazy world? I mean, it really looks hope-less, doesn't it?

Yes, but no.

Not if you believe and expect that things will get better. We've been told that they will. No, we've been promised that they will. Hope is trusting that the Creator of all things will do what He said He will. 

And we'll wait for Him with patience. Not the anxiety that comes with watching the nightly news.

Let's not sit in front of the television and be filled with doubt and fear. If we're not careful, we start to focus on the terrible things all around us and forget where we're supposed to be focused: on things above, not on earthly things (Colossians 3:2). Don't let the darkness in this world drown out our hope. Our hope is our Light. It shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it (John 1:5).

What about you? What gives you hope? Is it a favorite verse or do you pull up YouTube and watch inspirational videos?

Whatever it is, keep it up and don't give in to this creepy dark world.

Or the clowns ... Avoid the clowns.

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I love hearing from you. What bible verses give you hope? Share them in the comments!