Be Sound in Faith

Man, I love social media. It’s full of funny memes, cat videos, what that guy you haven’t spoken to since high school is having for dinner, and an opinion on just about anything you could hope for.

Ooohhh the opinions.

Want to know who should start for the Cowboys? It’s there.

Who’s going to win the World Series? Check Uncle Bob’s timeline.

Best essential oils? Got it.

Drama? Dirty laundry? It. Is. Every. Where.

And then … there’s … the election.

Oh boy.                      

You don’t have to scroll far to see what someone has to say about how so-and-so is going to run this country into the ground. A little further down in your feed, you can read how Aunt Judy is going to move to Canada if a certain nominee is elected because she thinks this person is going to burn the Constitution live on national television, outlaw hugs, and turn us into a communist nation.

I could go on and on.

And on and on.

I’ll admit, I get concerned too. Like the other night when I watched the debate—the only one I’ve watched so far. I don’t mean this as a jab at either of the candidates, I was just torn as to which one I thought was more qualified. Which of them was fit to lead our nation?

I buried the thought and went to bed. The next morning, while sipping coffee, I watched the recap of the debate on the morning news. When the question of who was fit to lead our country came back to mind, I heard an answer. Not an audible one. It didn't come from a burning bush in my living room. I heard it in my heart.


Right then, my worries ceased. I realized that I’d done something that I said I would never do. I had put my trust in mankind. Correction, I had put my faith in mankind.

That morning I remembered that I had a direct connection to the One who is in charge. All of us, who love Him and call Him Lord, have that connection. 

We can come to Him as much as we want and ask for help. We don't have to rely on an elected official to make our lives better. If we do, we'll spend our whole lives with these same fears we have now. Let them go!

Yes, it’s scary to transition to new leadership. We don’t know what to expect and are unsure whether they will take us in the right direction. We wonder if they're leadership material. 

But let's try to always remember just Who appoints our leadership. He isn't surprised at election results, saying, "Not that person! Wow, I didn't see that one coming!"

Let us not lose faith or misplace it. Trust in the One who has plans to prosper, not harm us. The One who gives us hope and a future. The plan for that future is in motion.

The wheels are turning.

I’m sure this isn’t breaking news to some of us. Most of us know that God is the Ultimate Authority and that He will use all things for the good of those who love Him. But sometimes we all need a little reminder. Such as the one I had the other morning.


Does your faith ever get weak or put in the wrong place? How do you get back on track? Have you gotten a wakeup call like I did? Tell us in the comments!

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