Updates and Giveaways

Wow, it's hard to believe that it's October already! September flew by without giving me much time to write, so I've decided to focus on my blog extra hard this month and in future months. In order to do that, I've planned a new series of inspirational/encouraging blogs. This week's theme is "Hope" and I hope you'll check it out on Wednesday! Joining me on this blog series will be author Mandy Fender, who will be talking about each weekly theme over on her blog. You can read her thoughts on hope here.

Before I get started on the blog series, I thought I'd give a couple of updates along with answering some questions that I've gotten recently. Questions like:

Where's the book?

Sometimes I wonder where it is too! Just kidding. It's in the very capable hands of my editor at Castle Gate Press. The poor thing has to go through all 92,000+ words and identify every error or inconsistency so we can get it fixed before releasing it to the public. Poor thing, right? We've talked about a possible release sometime in the spring, but that isn't solid and relies a great deal on how edits go. 

What's it called?

We've discussed titles and I'm hoping we're very close to agreeing on an official title for each of the three books as well as the series title. I'm pretty sure we're all set on the series title, and once I have the okay I'll share it with you. My publishers and I have also been talking about the cover art for all three books and I think we all agree on what we want. Now we'll search for an artist and hopefully be able to share at least the cover of book one within the next few months. I'm sure I'll do a special post about it, so be on the lookout!

What's it about?

Book one is about standing up. You know how sometimes things get so bad that someone needs to do something about it? Then, no one does, and things keep getting worse until there's no choice but to get up and fight back? And then, just to add to it, the one that has to stand up is you. That's what the main character faces in this story. Yeah, yeah, I know, that could be the plot of about a thousand different stories. But, hang with me and I'll share more with you very soon!

On to the Giveaway!

Every month I'll be giving away a Christian Book Box! Each box will be packed full of books, swag, and other goodies from authors like Mandy Fender, Morgan Busse, Ashlee Willis, Angie Brasher, Lauren Brandenburg, JC Morrows, Sherry Rossman,  Desiree WilliamsAmy Brock Mcnew, and many more! 

How do you win? Just click on the link below and you can sign up for the drawing. We'll pick one winner at the end of each month, so if you don't win in October you'll be eligible for November! 

I'm sure we all have friends who would love to win free books, so please share so they can sign up too!

Just click here and enter to win the Christian Book Box!


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I hope you have a great week!