Give Me Some Love

I get so tired of seeing hate. It's everywhere. Especially television and social media. Whether it's rioting, or someone shaming another person for their beliefs or some other way that they're different. It really is getting to the point where folks will blow their tops when others feel differently or don't agree with them about something.

You're anti-guns? You're an idiot!

You don't eat meat? What's wrong with you? 

Oh, you're a Republican? I spew hate at you, evildoer!

Oh, and let someone mess up! Wow, do we unload on them then! Because, you know, we're all so perfect and have never done anything wrong. So this person that messed up had better watch out! The nerve of them, right?

We are so quick to jump on someone, aren't we? 

What I really want to know, and I know plenty of you do too, is ... where is the love? Sure, it's out there. We see it from time to time in the occasional Facebook post. You know the one. A guy goes through the city and offers to do nice things for people for no reason. Here, just take a look for yourself.

Isn't that the coolest thing? I might have choked up a little when he brought his friend the birthday cake. 

Know what I was thinking when I watched that for the first time? Why aren't there more people like that in this world? 

The truth is, there really are a lot of people like this guy. You know them. They're you. And me. And all of our friends and family. We're perfectly capable of showing that we care about each other. We just need to stop standing by, waiting for others to show love, and do it ourselves. 

I wish we could all go out and spend the whole day asking people if we could do something for them, like the guy in the video. But, all of us have busy lives and can hardly find the time to read a blog (thanks for reading this one, by the way!).

What we can do is be kind. To everyone. It really doesn't take much to show love to someone. No, you don't have to wrap your arms around them and give them a good squeeze. Honestly, if you do that to too many strangers, you may end up in jail!

But, you can hold a door for someone. Or, you can offer them your seat if there's a long wait at the restaurant. Maybe you pay for a stranger's dinner, or buy the lady's coffee behind you in line. 

None of these are new ideas. Each of us has seen examples of the things I just mentioned and we all thought that it was really cool that someone would do that. If you're like me, though, you're seeing way more of the hate I spoke of earlier than you are seeing love. Let's do something about it. Let's each do something nice for someone tomorrow. And then the next day. And the day after.

A lot of us are already doing this, so keep it up! Or ... find more ways to love others! You're not going to run out of it, so spread it around!

Before we know it, maybe we'll be doing it without even planning to. What do you think? And maybe, just maybe, we'll start to rub off on others. 

There's a special feeling that you get when you're kind to others. Even when you may think that they don't deserve it. You know the feeling, because you've done it before. You've shown someone love and have seen the affect that it has on you. If you're struggling with something, go out and show someone some love. You may see that your struggles will lighten up or go away altogether. 

That's just how powerful love is. 

How do you show love to others? Tell us in the comments. 

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